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Tesla Wall Connector Installation

Get an exact quote on your project! See steps below.

Get your quote today by sending us an email and skip having to set up an onsite visit. Check out the video and instructions below.

How to get your EV Charger installation quote asap! 
Email us with videos and/or pictures of:

1. Your electrical panel to your desired charger or 240V outlet location (send 2-3 potential charger locations if you want quotes for different options)

2. Main breaker located under or next to your electrical meter

3. Charger type and size (in Amps) of your charger; or if you are requesting a 240V outlet install


Chaim S

Stephen did an amazing job installing a level 2 charger for our electric car.  Car has charged perfect and fast ever since.  He communicated well and did and went above and beyond on the install.

Vlado H

Requested a quote on Memorial Day to get some assistance hooking up my Wallbox Pulsar car charger. Steve responded quickly and met me at my house a few hours later. Super nice guy who changed my 220V outlet to meet the manufacturers specifications. In addition Steve adjusted my charger to reflect I had a 40 amp circuit as the Wallbox defaults to a 50 amp circuit.

I would most definitely use this company again.

Sean D

Reliable work that you can count on.  Thank you for your quick response and kind service.  I highly recommend using Charged Up Electric.

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