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Tesla Wall Connector Installation

EV Chargers for Single Family Homes

Currently not taking on home installs

Electric vehicle charger install
Tesla home charger install
Tesla - electric car charger
EVSE installation in a multi unit dwelling

Simple Installations

32 AMPS or less (first 10 ft from the panel is free)- $325


48 AMPS (first 10 ft from the panel is free)- $465


**$100 for each extra 10ft (after the first 10ft) from the panel

Crawl Space Installations

Runs through out or under the house

(first 60 ft from the panel is free)- $975



**$100 for each extra 10 ft

Permits and Fees

(if applicable)

$500 for permit- pricing includes permit fee

All Pricing does not include the cost of the charger

Multi-unit Dwelling Single Charger Install

$975 minimum (permit fees not included)


Chaim S

Stephen did an amazing job installing a level 2 charger for our electric car.  Car has charged perfect and fast ever since.  He communicated well and did and went above and beyond on the install.

Vlado H

Requested a quote on Memorial Day to get some assistance hooking up my Wallbox Pulsar car charger. Steve responded quickly and met me at my house a few hours later. Super nice guy who changed my 220V outlet to meet the manufacturers specifications. In addition Steve adjusted my charger to reflect I had a 40 amp circuit as the Wallbox defaults to a 50 amp circuit.

I would most definitely use this company again.

Sean D

Reliable work that you can count on.  Thank you for your quick response and kind service.  I highly recommend using Charged Up Electric.

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